Dmitry Borisov can lose my job for Ksenia Borodina

Дмитрий Борисов может потерять работу из-за Ксении Бородиной
Between the TV stars did the competition.

Dmitry Borisov and Ksenia Borodina

Photo: Social networks

Ksenia Borodina, after Olga Buzova, could become the leading First channel. The information was announced by the husband of the star of “House-2” — Kurban Omarov. It all started with the fact that some time ago the husband of TV presenter hinted at the fact that Ksenia is searching for a new job. Lobster asked the fans to dream: what would show Xenia would look organically? Then Kurban hardly imagine what it will publish in the Network.

Recently in the program “Let them speak”, hosted in August was Dmitry Borisov, a joke was invented hashtag, which became superpopular: “Let him speak Ksenia”. The idea of replacing Borisov Borodina incredibly inspired many millions of fans. Eid thanked the fans for rapid response and hinted that the situation where Xenia may receive the First channel — not from the category of fiction, but a very real possibility.

“I said it as a joke, after which it turned out that only myself and hundreds of thousands of our subscribers would like to see Ksenia’s role as a leading “Let them talk”. I don’t know whether the First channel to persuade ksjushu, but we had fun yesterday, from the soul. I just introduced a second, what if Xue officially ask subscribers about something. Happens digital democracy! Thank you all you power!” — thanked the subscribers Eid.

Xenia, by the way, rumors about the desire to “overthrow” Boris has not commented on. Even in the summer, she stated that it is satisfied with the post of leading the program “House-2”. However, since then a lot has changed and perhaps now Borodin is really considered the options of leaving the controversial telestroke.

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Olga Buzova was pleased to announce that it will participate in the Christmas lights

Ольга Бузова рада была объявить о том, что примет участие в новогодних огоньках
Olga Buzova after participating in the TV project “Dom-2” became his leading, and now came to her success as a singer.

Ольга Бузова рада была объявить о том, что примет участие в новогодних огоньках

Each new song Olga for a short time, becomes a hit, and the concert tickets sold out in just a few days. On the same day in an interview with the girl told about what fully interested in the promotion of his musical creativity.

“In the new year there will be even more – there and tour, and songs. By the way, wait for me on new year’s eve concerts. This will be my first lights!

Ольга Бузова рада была объявить о том, что примет участие в новогодних огоньках

Work, work and more work. The artists do not is the standard New year celebrations. Well, okay. My life was great celebration, but with the MIC at a private event, for example, was not. So this year I’d especially like to 31 December,” – said Buzova.

It is worth noting that a few weeks ago was the first big solo concert of Olga, which gathered a full room.

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The creators of the show First channel “I” responded to allegations of cheating

Создатели шоу Первого канала «Я могу» ответили на обвинения в обмане Producers of the popular project with Leonid Yakubovich was suspected in the substitution. One Internet user wrote a post exposing, questioning the ability of Timur Iosseliani. The publication caused a great public outcry.
Создатели шоу Первого канала «Я могу» ответили на обвинения в обмане

Recently, the Network has a scandal associated with the release of the First channel show “I can” from 22 Oct 2017. Internet user under the nickname LacPop accused of cheating the resident of Lipetsk Timur Ioseliani, who claimed that may a minute to remember the faces of 200 people sitting in the hall. The man showed a stand with photos of a few random people. Ioseliani had to find those who were on the set. The viewer had noticed that one of the photos shows no one who took part in the filming, and the other woman.

Later LacPop associated with this Olga Kovaleva. Internet user said that she was an actress, has participated in different projects of the First channel. According to Olga, she allegedly was sick, so was unable to attend the shoot. In her stead stood another girl.

Создатели шоу Первого канала «Я могу» ответили на обвинения в обмане

On the question of whether the project of the First channel substitution, Kovalev supposedly said, “it appears so”.

At the disposal of journalists was the statement of the press service of the organization “Red square”, which was engaged in the production of the program with Leonid Yakubovich. CEO Ilya Krivitsky responded to the accusations of cheating. According to him, the test for Iosseliani will complicate and photograph in a different setting. Other details Krivitsky chose not to disclose.

“In response to the resulting outcry and publicly expressed doubts about that in the show “I can” the participants really show the viewers a unique ability, the authors show announces retakes rooms Timur Ioseliani, revealing the possibility of human memory. The room will be photographed in a more complex way for any independent online site in live mode,” – he said.

Recall that the publication LacPop appeared on Sunday on one of the popular entertainment portals. The post provoked a lively discussion on the Internet. Some netizens felt that Timur Iosseliani illegally won 50 thousand rubles for the project. By the way, the achievement of the inhabitant of Lipetsk has also promised to include in the book of records of Russia.

On Monday Ilya Krivitsky spoke about the current situation. The statement by the Director General of the company “Red square” quoted by TASS.

Rovshan Askerov struck out Alexander’s Friends out of your life

Ровшан Аскеров вычеркнул Александра Друзя из своей жизни The expert made a scene on the set of intellectual program “What? Where? When?”. In the opinion of Rovshan Askerov, friends Alexander allowed himself a very incorrect thing to do. The man had long criticized the behavior of the opponent.
Ровшан Аскеров вычеркнул Александра Друзя из своей жизни

Rovshan Askerov was outraged by the events that occurred on the set of “What? Where? When?”. The expert and his colleagues did not count the correct answer from the hints from the audience. Leading Boris Hook noticed that Kim Ghalachyan, who was standing next to Askerov, nodded when I heard the version players.

Askerov and his colleagues argued that not seen as Ghalachyan allegedly prompted. So Boris Hook turned to Alexander Druz and Andrei Kozlov to help to deal with the situation. Experts noted that Rovshan should give rivals, headed by Elena Potanina. Then they won, and Askerov refused to shake the hand of the competitor.

Ровшан Аскеров вычеркнул Александра Друзя из своей жизни

Later wounded Rovshan negatively expressed in the address of his longtime opponent. According to Askerov, the decision of the Friends was influenced by a personal relationship to him.

“It is absolutely disgusting to do in this situation Alexander Abramovich [friends] that from this moment in General does not exist for me, neither as a man nor as a master. What he does is despicable. He made the decision, not as master, but as someone who doesn’t love me. So I never in my life had this man not ask for tips. What he had done, that meanness, baseness. For me it is not master, he’s nobody. Just this person does not exist. Now finally, he is a jerk,” said Rovshan.
Ровшан Аскеров вычеркнул Александра Друзя из своей жизни

Earlier Askerov and friends repeatedly engage in polemics. Fans of the popular programs know firsthand how emotional can be its members. For several decades the existence of occurred events. So, in 2016, friends Alexander quarreled with Rovshan Askerov after the first game of the spring series. The reason for the conflict between men was a question about tomatoes. Some of the patrons of the game decided that the team Askerov is to award one point, while others considered her answer is incorrect.

The Expert “What? Where? When?” accused another member of the club in infamy

Then friends made accusations against Askerov. According to Alexander, Rovshan “lost reputation in front of millions of viewers”. In turn, Asgarov recalled the case from the ‘ 90s, when his opponent allegedly changed his answer to get the point.

“Alexander druz fuck! Can say harder. I don’t care about the opinion of Master Alexander Abramovich Friends about my reputation. Because my opinion on his reputation is that he has no reputation at all”, commented Sara.

The baby name Andrey Malakhov will choose the audience

Имя ребенка Андрея Малахова выберут зрители

At the end of last week, 45-year-old TV presenter Andrey Malakhov became the father, and the name of the toddler is asked to choose viewers. In honor of this joyous event, Malakhov took an entire episode of the TV show “live”. Choosing a name is passed in the form of voting in which the audience chose the best name.

In the new issue of show told me that his wife, Natalya Shkulev was discharged from Moscow’s clinical hospital “Lapino”, where she Nov 16, gave birth to a boy weighing 4.2 kg and 54 cm. In advance for the baby, prepared the nursery, which was furnished in a light blue tone. In the room are a crib, a changing table, a dresser and a bed for the nanny.

“I really like the names Nikolai, Dmitri, Alexander. Philip – this option proposed the idea too, sounds great! But I would have chosen another name,” says Natalia about the name of the baby.

Let’s remind, that about pregnancy of the wife Malakhov became known during the controversial withdrawal of the lead from the First channel, where he led the successful TV show “Let them talk”. As some sources, it was the pregnancy his wife was the discord between the Malakhov and the heads of the channel. One of the reasons called the return to the channel producer Natalia Nikonova. “We had one crazy live, where I sat for directing control. At some point, Andrew came to the agitation that he broke down my screams in the eye and shouted directly into the camera: “Stop it, Natasha!” and more hands put forward as if pushed me with my instructions. Well, in the Studio, there was a Creek and our bickering no one had noticed. In General, I admire the professionalism of Andrew. He directed the head feels, to whom it should go,” tells of the Malakhov Natalia in old interviews.
The producer has also announced plans to change the concept of the program and to focus on socio-political issues that did not suit the popular presenter. She has worked on channel 15, which, for fans, his departure came as a real shock.

“Naked” dress Lyubov Uspenskaya shocked fans

«Голое» платье Любови Успенской шокировало поклонников
Lace dress star covered only the most piquant part of the body of the singer.

«Голое» платье Любови Успенской шокировало поклонников

Love The Assumption, Dominic Joker

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

«Голое» платье Любови Успенской шокировало поклонников

Larisa Dolina

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Lyubov Uspenskaya shocked the musical guests
marathon “Eehh, Razgulay”, which was held yesterday, is coming out in a provocative
outfit. Translucent lace dress red style Hollywood celebrities
eclipsed the previous “naked” dress of the assumption, where she appeared on the award “the Chanson
of the year”. This time the singer was even more daring — dress not only
emphasized the figure of the celebrity, but also showed you what kind of underwear is Love. If in the previous release, assumption opened the eyes of fans only hip and waist, this outfit hid
from prying eyes, only the most piquant parts of her body.

«Голое» платье Любови Успенской шокировало поклонников

Vyacheslav Dobrynin

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Surprised spectators and Larisa Dolina. Her outfit fell to the secular gossip to taste
they decided that this dress fits the actress and the people’s status, and
age. The singer opted for a trendy
dress-nightie. Black thin stylized combination of gender Larissa
said the Golden cardigan of the same length, simulating a Bathrobe.

«Голое» платье Любови Успенской шокировало поклонников

Rodion Gazmanov

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Stas Mikhailov

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

In marathon-2017, in addition to the Valley and the assumption, adopted
by more than 50 Russian pop stars: Mikhail Shufutinsky, Grigory Leps,
group “Rondo”, Vladimir Kuzmin, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Stas Mikhailov, Alexander Buinov, the group “felling”, Oleg Gazmanov, Vyacheslav Dobrynin, Tatiana Bulanova,
Emin, Taisiya Povaliy, Denis Maidan, Sergei Trofimov, Marshal, group “Uma2rmaH”,
Dominik Joker, Michael Bagel and many others. Leading this huge meeting was an actor and
TV presenter Maxim Averin.