Talking about rare image of a pregnant Kate Middleton in red

В сети обсуждают редкий образ беременной Кейт Миддлтон в красном
Duchess of Cambridge Catherine, pleased the audience with bright outfit.

В сети обсуждают редкий образ беременной Кейт Миддлтон в красном

Requisitions terrible morning sickness, Kate Middleton successfully cope with quite a busy schedule. The Duchess attended the opening of the Children’s medical center at a large hospital – she spoke with young patients and their doctors.

В сети обсуждают редкий образ беременной Кейт Миддлтон в красном

Not to mention the lovely appearance Kate is a bright coral-red coat looked very impressive and fit perfectly Middleton despite the growing tummy. Complements the way small clutch in the tone of elegant shoes-boats.

В сети обсуждают редкий образ беременной Кейт Миддлтон в красном

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She cried at the premiere of “Happy ending”

Ирина Горбачева расплакалась на премьере фильма «Хеппи-энд»
The actress explained why he gave way to tears.

Ирина Горбачева расплакалась на премьере фильма «Хеппи-энд»

Aglaia Tarasova

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Ирина Горбачева расплакалась на премьере фильма «Хеппи-энд»

Alisa Hazanova

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

In the Moscow premiere
the new film of Michael Haneke “happy ending”. The event took place in “Gogol-center”,
which is the artistic Director Kirill Serebrennikov. First,
who appreciated the film began she with her husband Gregory Kalinin, Aglaia Tarasova, Alice Khazanov, Pavel Kaplevich, and others.

The film — the story of a bourgeois
family that all is well externally, but this is only apparent. In fact,
it nobody loves anybody and the only thing that unites all family members with each
the other — the desire to commit suicide. They don’t want to be happy, even though they
all for it. There is no need to test positive
emotions. And the worst thing is that it is this attitude to life
this family is similar to millions of others. Thinks the Creator of the film.

Ирина Горбачева расплакалась на премьере фильма «Хеппи-энд»

Irina Gorbacheva with her husband

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

“Happy ending” — continued
of the acclaimed film Haneke’s “Love” for which he received an Oscar. Action
in the new film takes place several years after the events described in the Oscar-winning
“Love.” In the story, Georges Laurent, which helped to go to the light
ill wife, is now trying to go after her, but he fatally
immobilized, confined to a wheelchair — and therefore forced to look for the most ridiculous
ways to commit suicide. The fact that a few years ago was seen as
a tragedy turns into a cruel farce with a sarcastic “happy end”. It
so the “happy ending” belongs to the genre of tragicomedy.

“I was recently in Saint-Petersburg — shared
with Aglaia Tarasova. And there
together with my grandma and grandpa watched “Love.” I cried the whole movie.
I’m a kind open person, and if you feel some emotions, they
always in sight. I find it much easier. From the picture, of course, was delighted. I
I love the work Haneke. To play in his movie at least a cameo role my

Pavel Kaplevich

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Irina Gorbachev, who came to see the movie
together with her husband Gregory Kalinin, gave way to tears on the day of the premiere. “I
generally, I like to cry while watching the movie — said the actress after viewing. — I
anyway, what genre the film is, but if while watching I cry, so
the picture is good. I’m all for sincerity, emotion, feelings, relations…”. The premiere of the film “happy ending” was held in the framework of the main
70 competition of the Cannes film festival, and the Russian audience will be able to see the picture 25

Sharon stone was caught kissing a young man

Шэрон Стоун подловили целующейся с молодым мужчиной
The mysterious gentleman Actresses and reporters to identify failed.

Шэрон Стоун подловили целующейся с молодым мужчиной

Sharon Stone


59-year-old Sharon stone has puzzled his
fans. The fact that in mass media there were photos of the actress passionately kissing
with some brutal-looking brunette, who is clearly much younger than her. But
recently, talking in an interview about
my life, stone said that, after two failed marriages and numerous novels,
don’t leave the best memories, she was tired of trying to find
suitable partner and, supposedly, no longer
looking for love.

Paparazzi caught stone, when she was out of
the theater where was held the first show of the new series with her participation —
“Mosaic”. Dressed in stylish checkered coats actress, absolutely not
embarrassed that her photograph, presented to the unidentified satellite, which
hugged her neck, passionate kiss in

However, the age of the new Beau of actress few people
surprised. After all, one of her Boyfriends – Martin Mika, whom she met
for three years, was in for 22 years younger than the actress. And other
friends such as actors David Deluis and
Jared Leto, is also much younger than Sharon.

Interestingly, on the red carpet she’s been
appeared with any of her Boyfriends. So, at a recent ceremony
Golden Globes she chose to lead, to accompany, the eldest of
his three adopted sons — 17-year-old roan.

Sharon Stone


Released Sergey Semenov’s locked in his home village

Вышедшего на свободу Сергея Семенова заперли в родном поселке In the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” again discussed the sensational story that took place in the Ulyanovsk region in 2016. This time Sergey Semenov was not present at the shooting. As it turned out, the young man now wears an electronic bracelet on his leg.
Вышедшего на свободу Сергея Семенова заперли в родном поселке

The inhabitant of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Semenov, who was convicted for the rape of Diana Shurygina, said in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” about the conditions of parole. As it turned out, the young man is now obliged to walk with an electronic bracelet on his leg. Semenov was forbidden to leave his home in the village of Novocheremshansk Novomalyklinsky district of Ulyanovsk region more than 25 kilometers, or take a walk after 22 hours.

Lawyer Diana Shurygina humiliated by Sergei Semenov

As soon as Sergey will be able to leave, he is going to go to another city. This should happen in a year and a half. Semenov got acquainted with the program “Let them talk”, in which Diana Shurygina emotionally reacted to his release. The young man continues to deny his guilt.

“I don’t think I’ll find work when their conditions of release. Diana’s mom screams that I’m not paying claims. While it is difficult to do because of the circumstances. You can say that I locked up for a year and a half within 25 kilometers”, – says Sergey.
Вышедшего на свободу Сергея Семенова заперли в родном поселке

Close Semenova did not expect that his freedom of movement will limit, but eventually reconciled with the measure stipulated by the law. A young person’s life much more complicated. “Sergei didn’t tell us about it, not to upset. Mom reacts to everything very emotionally and difficult to tolerate,” said Sergei’s sister Catherine.

“The first time the bracelet interfered with him, he couldn’t sleep. Yesterday somehow upset, and this morning woke up with another idea. Now no one will be taken away, not planted. I think that’s his defense,” shared the mother of a young man, Olga.
Вышедшего на свободу Сергея Семенова заперли в родном поселке

Semenov took from the prison letters that he wrote from different cities and countries – we had two heavy bags. “For all the time I have not received any bad emails. I would like to thank everyone,” shared the young man.

Yulia Kors, a friend of the infamous resident of Ulyanovsk, says that she is going through a difficult period. “Diana terribly hurt by this situation, she said. – How many people, so many opinions. Diana and friends for about a year. Write that she’s drinking and hanging out, that’s wrong.” Shurygin tried to support and designer Kirill Mintsev. He denied rumors that he received a decent income from the project, which involved Diana.

In the Studio there are other members of the sensational events that occurred in March 2016, when Shurygin was raped. Another participant of the resonance parties Anastasia Kulakevich did not understand why Diana actually then went with them.

Husband of Diana Shurygina beat perespevshie with her boyfriend

“She didn’t know anyone. Asked us at the last moment. The day of Diana to all Les, hung. I don’t think she was a victim, says the girl. – There was a moment that saw everything. She sat on Ruhlin in one bra. It’s not our business what they were doing. We were interrogated and intimidated in the investigations division. Forced to pick up the evidence about how Diana beat father.”
Вышедшего на свободу Сергея Семенова заперли в родном поселке

Actress Alexandra Golosina believes that Sergey Semenov need to be sent back to jail. She started collecting signatures so that the young man is back in jail. Pavel Pyatnitsky, who was present among the experts of transmission, reminded everyone about the shady past of a young woman. Semenov himself, published in touch via Skype, said he didn’t take her words seriously.

Granddaughter of Oleg Strizhenova lost the baby

Вышедшего на свободу Сергея Семенова заперли в родном поселке“I don’t think Alexander Golosina – an ardent fighter for justice. She does it for their own benefit,” said Sergey.

The mother of the young man confessed that he saw no reason to argue with Golosinas. “I want everyone to calm down. To him everything is okay and it’s not lost in this life,” said Olga. In the future, Sergey would like to create a family like all normal people.

“While with my limitations, nothing is clear. I’ll think on the circumstances. Thank you all” – Semenov has answered the question about future plans.

At the end of the program presenter Andrey Malakhov added that he is personally acquainted with the husband of Diana Shurygina Andrew Slanina. “He still somehow restrains her, – said the journalist. – She was in normal hands.”

The choice of Prokhor Chaliapin pondered his proposal of marriage

Избранница Прохора Шаляпина размышляет над его предложением руки и сердца Recently, the media reported that the singer intends to marry. Prokhor Chaliapin made a proposal of marriage to Tatiana Guzeevoy. “StarHit” found the artist, he’s received a response from the beloved.
Избранница Прохора Шаляпина размышляет над его предложением руки и сердца

Domestic tabloids reported that Prokhor Chaliapin made a proposal to his beloved Tatiana Gazeway, the girl is far from show business. Tanya reported on the remarkable event on his page in Instagram.

The singer told “StarHit” that pushed him to such a responsible step.

“I did it because I want to reassure all my fans, especially adults. Tanya is a real miracle, only without feathers. Not the same as the previous one I had,” said the artist.

According to Shalyapin, the mother of the chosen one against the famous groom. According to the woman, the artist may not be a good and responsible husband to her daughter.

“I’ve already seen this… Mama she a completely different person, fighting, powerful woman. Such a mother, Oh… She lives in Izhevsk, but now arrived, I hide”, – said Prokhor.

The singer admitted that it hurt Tatiana reaction to his proposal. The girl took the ring, however, the offer hands and hearts of the artist replied evasively. “Tanya took the ring, but said I’d think about it! It seemed to me that it is more necessary. I like Tanya, she is very comfortable, and I thought she needed, and she said, “I think”. A strange feeling. I rather don’t hurry, I’m with her, well and good. But her mother immediately stood up on its hind legs,” – said the artist.

According to Prokhorov, with Tanya they’ve known each other a year and a half. But to meet my beloved began the summer of 2017. Chaliapin wanted to flaunt their relationship. And if he plays after the wedding with Tatiana, the celebration will be held behind closed doors without prying eyes and star guests.

“You know, if she doesn’t want the wedding, then… a woman with a cart – the Mare is easier. I had a feeling that things were about to. I’ve been going. I have brains, but now I am in romantic intoxication. And who knows what he will be next. I made an offer on the basis that it will be good. As to marriage I am so: as the tram ride, nothing bad.”

By the way, Chaliapin, Tatiana provided the girl. Have a sweetheart there are two apartments in the capital.

“But I got nothing. But… But why is that bad? I – people’s artist in Russia has always been very important, what dowry the bride. It matters. Besides, Tanya is a very good cook – anything. The soup can cook tasty than reminiscent of my mother. Had her nipples in the test, so she made a whole pan. I’m here and recovered. The stomach, even appeared”, – said Prokhor.

Ilya Glinnikov broke up with the winner of “the Bachelor”

Илья Глинников расстался с победительницей «Холостяка» Katya Nikulina reported breakup with actor. According to her, they managed to maintain friendly relations. Now the girl plans to leave with his head in work. Glinnikov she is grateful for the many happy moments they have experienced together.
Илья Глинников расстался с победительницей «Холостяка»

In the spring of 2017 all viewers watched the developments in the project “the Bachelor” by Ilya Glinnikov. The actor, remembered by the public after the TV series “Interns”, chose in the final spectacular blonde Catherine Nikulin. Fans of the reality show could not hide his joy, as Ilya was a long one and could not find love. After the project, the couple began to live together.

However, after a time, the Network appeared the information that Katie and Elijah are not going smoothly formed. It was rumored that the lovers even staged a fight, when the conflict between them reached its climax. But the couple denied this information. However, in a recent interview with Nikulin still voiced the truth: they broke up and Glinnikov.

“We are not together, and our lives went their separate ways, although we have a great relationship. We decided to announce it publicly in order that we were no longer perceived exclusively as a couple, and each had their own life,” explained Kate.

She claims that they managed to remain friends. According to the girl during their relationship had many enjoyable moments that she will never forget.

“We traveled a lot, flew a helicopter, dived, swam with the dolphins. In addition, my memory will long be my birthday, when Ilya decided to surprise me: we went on a six-hour motosave in Yaroslavl on loud growling “Harley”! It was unforgettable, especially as the return journey that evening became for us a real weather test, which we passed together. And on March 8 he came to the car, opened the trunk, and there was just a sea of flowers (fortunately, not red roses I don’t like them)” – shared with journalists Nikulina.

Many other girls were jealous of their relationship, because it is not easy to build a love for the filming of the show, which is watched by hundreds of people.

At the moment, Nikulina plans to pursue the career. She is working on recording the album. Besides, recently Kate and her friends opened a bar. “The music is experimental, it will be a mixtape of different directions. On the outputs of my tracks I’ll be sure to report on their pages in social networks,” – said Katya PEOPLETALK.

Natalie Portman, Mila kunis, Sarah highland, and others will participate in the “Women’s March” in Los Angeles

Натали Портман, Мила Кунис, Сара Хайлэнд и другие примут участие в «Женском марше» в Лос-Анджелесе

This year will be “Women’s March” in Los Angeles. It will be held this Saturday, January 20. Many stars decided to join the March, including Natalie Portman, Mila kunis, Elizabeth banks, Allison Janney, Sarah Hyland, Eva Longoria and other famous women. The marchers will be on the streets at 8:30 in the morning. The event will last up to three hours a day.

Earlier it became known, that on this day for women’s rights will be Scarlett Johansson, Chloe Bennet, Olivia Munn, Nicole Richie, Sophia Bush, Olivia Wilde and other representatives of cinema and show-business.

We will remind that last year the “Women’s March” held in Los Angeles and other American cities, caused a great public resonance. They attended Natalie Portman, Madonna, Charlize Theron, Jane Fonda, Miley Cyrus, Jessica Biel and many other celebrities. Then they spoke out against sexist and anti-Muslim statements of Donald trump and also raised the issue of gender inequality:

“I will not allow anyone to crush me, to silence and trim my wings. For a long time I didn’t understand what real feminism. But now I understand and can confidently say I’m a feminist,” he wrote in his blog Katy Perry, who also took part in the March.

This year, as reported in the official press release of the event, the agenda will be issues related to mid-term elections in the US in November.

At this time, Donald and Melania trump with 11-year-old son Barron spent the weekend at his estate Mar-a-Lago in Florida, where yesterday returned to Washington. Paparazzi captured disembarkation and embarkation of the presidential couple on a plane to Washington, which the photos has angered members of the network.

When the President and the first lady with her son sat in the plane, came a strong wind and rain. Donald opened a black umbrella, which in the opinion of the users had to provide his wife and son. But Donald decided not to and kept the device from the rain above him, while his wife and son in the back get wet.