Ksenia Alferova has lost a loved one

Ксения Алферова потеряла близкого человека The actress told fans the tragic news. The star died, the grandmother, the mother of Alexander Abdulov. According to Alferova, they were very close with Lyudmila Alexandrovna. Subscribers get her condolences.

TV presenter and actress Ksenia Alferova announced to subscribers of the sad news. The star grandmother died. Alferov was very close with an elderly woman. In the microblog actress often appeared pictures together with the mother of her father.

“Yesterday I buried the mother of my dad, Baba Luda, Lyudmila Alexandrovna! The incredible power of the spirit was a woman! Remember when summer first came to Baba in the village and saw a huge Russian stove in the house, he began to pester her to make me a bun for sure! At first the woman tried to explain that it is impossible to fail to make it round, and didn’t know how. I forgot about the request after a time, and she still went and came up with the dough! Then susekam scratched and done! And not one, but many! The taste of these buns still remember and do not eat!” – says Alferov.

Actress with respect to the relative and said that a lot had taught her. According to Alferova, Ludmila spent a lot of time with her granddaughter when she was little.

“And in Sokolniki went to ski! Rather, it’s me on skis (these were little plastic boots were worn), and my grandmother ran side! Or the bottom of the hill was, I certainly higher I wanted to go, she was afraid for me but didn’t say anything, after all three sons were brought up! And after came into dumplings, with the cold plate such strange colors and shapes of dumplings, with sour cream, standing at the round table! Stood, talked, ate dumplings! Happiness!” – says Alferov.

Lyudmila Alexandrovna was over 90 years old. She survived her husband and son. In the video shared by Alferov, the elderly woman claims she don’t feel the age. “A lot of the share of women fell out! All with great dignity passed, coped with everything! This earthly journey was heavy!! And Papa Baba loved! All to do it!” – signed movie Xenia.

Many followers of the actress bringing her condolences. “I’m sorry”, “the Kingdom of heaven Granny! And health still with us today!”, “Let him rest in peace”, “Bright memory”, – such comments were left by users on the Network.

Rustam Solntsev explained the reason for the low ratings of “House-2”

Рустам Солнцев объяснил причину низких рейтингов «Дома-2» Former member of the reality show made its findings. Rustam Solntsev has shared his thoughts about what is happening with the famous telestroke. He recalled the circumstances through which he was on the project.

Rustam Solntsev is one of the brightest members of the famous electroni “Dom-2”. A young man appeared on the project in 2007, but was never able to find true love. His relationships failed and he decided to leave the program. However, in 2013, he again appeared on the screens in a reality show, but this attempt did not lead him to success in his personal life.

The sun admires the idea of “House-2” but now, after a while, he realizes that to regain its former glory the project will be very difficult.

“This success, as before, it can not be. Unfortunately, now the project and its participants are there due to the fact of HYIP that we once asked. The generation has changed more than once, and somehow fade…” – said Rustam.

Showman does not understand why many former program participants are offended when they are associated with the controversial project. He believes that it brought a lot of popularity. Rustam recalls with a smile, as he got on a casting “Houses-2”. According to him, the sitter’s niece wanted to be on telestroke and asked me to accompany her in the selection.

“While the Luba came to the casting, I was just sitting in the corner waiting for her. Then I was approached by editor in chief Sasha Rastorguev and said, “what are you doing here?”. I said that he came with Any, and got the answer: “come with me!”. That’s all,” admitted the sun.

Despite the fact that he was not afraid to criticize colleagues and often releases the barbs in their address, it supports many a good relationship. The former participant “Houses-2” remembered an argument with Olga Buzova. The man admitted that on the day of her wedding with Dmitry Tarasov he posted a video in which he warned the girl from this step. Solntsev said in an interview Woman.ru that now cherishes friendship with the TV presenter.

“Despite the fact that we had a misunderstanding, I always treated her great. I had something not to like, and I was critical of it and engage in skirmishes. But when I see that girl hurt people, the achievement of which is very doubtful, I can’t stand up to her defense”, – said the showman.

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Sasha Savelieva closed the swimming season

Саша Савельева закрыла купальный сезон
The singer is always trying in the fall, at least for a couple of days to escape to the sea.

Саша Савельева закрыла купальный сезон

Sasha Savelyeva

Photo: from personal archive Sasha Savelyeva

The singer is always trying in the fall, at least for a couple of days to escape to the sea. “I want to extend that short in our climate the summer — said, “7D”, the soloist of group “Factory”. — This year we closed the beach season on the Mediterranean sea. First with her husband (actor Kirill Safonov. — Approx. ed.) had a rest in Israel. In this country we visit regularly, as Cyril there live relatives — mother, sisters, nephews. But plenty to swim in the Mediterranean sea has failed: almost all days of storm. So basically walked along the coast and watched the rescuers because of the rough sea kept their boats ready. I could not resist and took a picture sitting on one of them. After that, Cyril jokingly called me “the girl with the paddle”.

Саша Савельева закрыла купальный сезон

“In the fall I’m trying for a while to escape to the sea — to extend the summer”

Photo: from personal archive Sasha Savelyeva

And then Sasha Savelieva for a few days flew to Italy. “Kirill has already begun the theater season, so the company I made friend Mary Weber (we became friends years before, in “star Factory”). We went to Milan. But not in a large city that tourists love, and in the small town of Milano Marittima, that is, Milan seaside. The resort resting the Italians themselves, it is famous for coniferous forests. And of course, I took the soul in local restaurants, enjoying pizza, pasta and risotto. Returned to Moscow with a couple of extra pounds! But they left quickly — thanks to the concerts, during which I always lose calories”.

Sasha Savelyeva

Photo: from personal archive Sasha Savelyeva

VIDEO: Anfisa Chekhov has mounted a children’s home climbing wall

ВИДЕО: Анфиса Чехова смонтировала дома детский скалодром
TV presenter shared with fans of good news.

Photo: @achekhova (Instagram Anfisa Chekhova)

Anfisa Chekhova shared with fans joyful
news. Her beloved son — a five-year Solomon — it is now possible
every day to do an intensive sports training, not leaving the apartment. The presenter made a special fixation in the nursery, changing
all of the furniture.

“Morning, we have Saul starts with a warm-up! And all
because now he’s in the nursery there is a sports area, — says
star. When I conceived to make repairs in his room, I began to look for
a furniture company that will be able to do it standing up, moving
nursery. As a result I found and fell in love with their interiors! Little
the fact that the beds of all formations, and houses and huts, and above and below, so also
such cool sports parts they do!”

Subscribers microblog Chekhova, where she
released a video showing child Solika, praised her for her development
boy, but was horrified one detail present in the bedroom, namely
the conditioning, which is located almost in the toddler bed. However, all
fans have unanimously decided that air-conditioning Chekhov simply does not have time
outweigh the other wall and will soon decide the issue.

Glafira Tarkhanov Ivan Zhidkova teaches son

Глафира Тарханова учит Ивана Жидкова воспитывать сына
Young parents support each other on tour.

Глафира Тарханова учит Ивана Жидкова воспитывать сына

Glafira Tarkhanov


Глафира Тарханова учит Ивана Жидкова воспитывать сына

Beloved Ivan Zhidkova, Liliya Solovyeva, gets along well with his daughter Mary (from his marriage with Tatiana Arntgolts)


After learning that her friend and colleague’s son was born, Glafira Tarhanova, which itself recently became mum for the fourth time, I decided to share with Jidkova knowledge on the education of boys. “Glasha very much support me and said “7D” actor. — She is my good friend and teacher regarding children. Still she has four sons — a great experience!” For Ivan this is the second child (the artist has a daughter from his marriage with Tatiana Arntgolts. — Approx. ed.). The Jews wanted to attend the birth, but he managed it is not quite usual way. “We miscalculated the timing, he said. — Lily was to give birth, when I went on tour with the show “Wheel of fortune”. But at birth, I still booked online. We beloved was on the phone all the time, so I morally supported her, except the hand did not hold. Son named Stepan”.

Glafira Tarhanova, recently gave birth to a fourth son, is already out of the maternity leave. On tour with Ivan by Zhidkova


Ewan McGregor was forced to admit to betraying his wife

Юэн МакГрегор был вынужден признаться в измене супруге
Actor Ewan McGregor is divorcing his wife after 22 years of marriage.

Юэн МакГрегор был вынужден признаться в измене супруге

Recently photographers have caught for the kiss with a new lover popular actor Ewan McGregor. 46-year-old McGregor and his wife Eve four children and have always considered exemplary the starry couple and an example to follow. However, after the recognition of the actor in the new novel with a colleague in the shooting, 32-year-old actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead, it became clear that the marriage of Evan broke up in the spring of this year – that’s when McGregor moved out of the family mansion.

Юэн МакГрегор был вынужден признаться в измене супруге

Юэн МакГрегор был вынужден признаться в измене супруге

Юэн МакГрегор был вынужден признаться в измене супруге

Mary Elizabeth Winstead also recently divorced from her husband, and seems perfectly happy in the company of an actor.

Юэн МакГрегор был вынужден признаться в измене супруге

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