The Network got footage of completely naked Alexei Vorobiev

В Сеть попали кадры с полностью обнаженным Алексеем Воробьевым
The singer appeared naked in her new clip.

Photo: still from clip

Hundreds of thousands of cheering fans: in the Network there were shots of fully Nude Alexei Vorobyov. In the video, which you can find on the Internet, naked singer runs through the… the corridors of the school! But nothing terrible in this, as this is the official video for his hit “I love you”.

The video was the last in a trilogy of clips with the actress Polina Maksimova. This is the third part of the story about the crazy in love couple that is constantly making each other dirty tricks. This part describes how the lovers met and at what point they began their confrontation. And love, of course.

It turns out that the heroes met in elementary school. Boy, as usual, pulled the girl’s pigtail. She, in return, gave him back, the boy instantly fell in love. And so it went until my senior year. Not the story ended when she became a teacher and he was a teacher in the same school.

And, most importantly, in one scene the heroine Polina Maksimova from the shower steals the clothes of Alex and puts his own mini dress is bright pink. Seeing this, the young man rushed to catch up with a girl in the same way as you were in the shower together, naked that is. Groupies Vorobiev has managed to assess the merits of the shape of the singer and actively discuss it in the comments in his personal blog.