“Victim” Ravshan Kurkova photographed on a hospital bed

«Пострадавшую» Равшану Куркову засняли на больничной койке
Actress scares the fans of bloody images.

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Ravshana Kurkova recently attended the filming is quite hard, apparently, the episode of “the Cruel world of men.” The actress spent her Sunday afternoon at the hospital, covered in fake blood. Naturally, the details of why her character in the story becomes injured not reported.

But the Network has a funny video about how Igor Vernik, colleague Kurkovas on the project, visited her in the hospital. Shot, by the way, took place not in the pavilion, as it often happens, as in a real hospital. Ravshan loved her mutilated image. In any case, she filmed a large number of “bloody” portraits that promised to share with fans. Several of them have already been published online. Incidentally, despite its apparent simplicity, to recreate the true bloody stains on the face — a difficult task for artists. This makeup may require many hours of costs.

Ravshana Kurkova

Recall that soon in theaters will premiere the film “Kids for hire” where he played a major role, along with ex-husband and Artyom Tkachenko. This summer he married a second time in a year this event had a son Stepan. Kurkova says that she, in spite of the divorce, very comfortable to work with Artem.